Over the past few years one of the most-requested award designs is the Glass Award. These elegant awards are very flexible and can be designed to have almost any type of logo or message you want.

Because of its flexibility as an award, the Glass Awards can be designed as one that has a stand (such as the one to the left) or as a wall plaque. These clearly display the name of the honor or award, the recipient of the honor, the date and any other information that you would want.

The standing plaques come with a variety of base finishes. Black is the most commonly requested finish, however, wood finishes are very popular too.

Glass awards can also be created as plaques. These create a very unique look which will make the recipient very proud to display. The plaques are created in the same way and can have as much or as little information on the plaque as you want.

These glass awards can be created using real glass or acrylic. Both styles are very desirable and look very nice.

If you are wanting a creative way to honor an award recipient, consider a glass or acrylic plaque. Call us for more details and pricing information.

Sample Glass Plaque Designs.